Eco Stewardship Strategies

Pamela Brody-Heine Principal

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Pamela has over 20 years of experience in the environmental field serving a broad range of clients including industry, government and non-profit organizations. She is a skilled and respected facilitator specializing in multi-stakeholder dialogues and the development of sustainability standards and indices.  

Pamela most recently managed the stakeholder processes for the development of an environmental leadership standard for electronic imaging equipment (IEEE 1680.2) and guided the development of the first of its kind Outdoor Industry Eco Index for products.  

Pamela has extensive knowledge and familiarity with EPEAT®, the definitive global registry for greener electronics. She is also proficient at tracking state, federal and international existing laws, pending legislation and trends impacting electronics waste; assessing human health and environmental impacts from substances and materials; and evaluating electronics recycling infrastructure. 

Pamela has provided research and project support on topics such as product stewardship, chemical assessments and toxics reduction, waste reduction, pollution prevention, environmentally preferable purchasing and sustainability.

As an senior associate with the 501c(3) Zero Waste Alliance (ZWA) since 2003, Pamela has collaborated with ZWA on numerous projects and initiatives.

Pamela received her Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado and is a Registered Professional Engineer (Civil and Environmental).

Neha Patel Associate

Neha Patel
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Neha has over a decade of experience working in the environmental field with non-profits, healthcare, private industry, academia, and government. Serving as steering committee member of the international Healthcare Without Harm campaign for 8 years, she spearheaded comprehensive sustainable hospital programs for Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.

Examples of projects guided by Neha and recognized for their innovative approaches include:

  • Assisting rural and urban hospitals in setting up recycling infrastructure for plastics, electronics and devices containing mercury
  • Institutional sourcing of sustainably produced food
  • Eliminating chemicals of concern in healthcare and local governments through green purchasing and assessing alternatives

As an associate with the 501c(3) Zero Waste Alliance since 2008, Neha served as Work Group Process Manager for the Outdoor Industry Association/European Working Group Eco Index assessment tool project. She supported the Environmental Lens workgroup in the development of metrics for waste, water, and greenhouse gas/energy.

Neha’s functional expertise includes knowledge of safer alternatives, recycling and solid waste prevention, environmentally preferable contracts and procurement methods, virtual organizing, project management and implementation, process facilitation, outreach to diverse groups, grant writing, and building organizational capacity.

Neha received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Master’s of  Science degree in Environmental Health Management with a focus on community health promotion and education.