Eco Stewardship Strategies

Breaking Ground in Assessing Environmental Impacts of Products for the Outdoor Industry

Outdoor Industry – Eco Index Green Standards Development
Outdoor Industry Association and European Outdoor Group
  2008 - 2010
Project Manager  In collaboration with the Zero Waste Alliance (ZWA), Pamela managed and facilitated the initiative and with Neha, was responsible for the management of the working groups made up of member company representatives in the development of these Index tools.

The Eco Index is a ground-breaking environmental assessment tool designed to advance sustainability practices within the outdoor industry. It provides companies throughout the supply chain a way to benchmark and measure their environmental footprint, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and make informed sourcing and product life cycle decisions. Although rooted in the outdoor industry, the project’s output and tools have a wide range of applicability to other industries and sectors.
Recreational Equipment Inc. Zero Waste Goal   2010 
Pamela and Neha were part of the ZWA team aiding REI to help craft a strategy to achieve its zero waste goal to become a zero waste–to–landfill organization by 2020. 
To inform recommendations on best practices in achieving Zero Waste, Neha conducted benchmarking of other efforts in the retail industry through interviews and Web-based research.
Council for Responsible Sport   2010-present
The Council for Responsible Sport manages an independent, comprehensive certification for sustainable athletic events.  Pamela and Neha are working to support the organization in further development of the certification.